What is FunnelWeb?

FunnelWeb is an open source blog engine, built by developers for developers. Instead of fancy quotes and oodles of widgets, we focus on letting you post beautiful code samples, keeping your markup clean and valid, and encouraging collaboration with rich comments. FunnelWeb is easy to install, and has an active community.


Markdown makes blogging easy


We use the same markdown editor as StackOverflow, keeping your posts clean and easy to migrate. You can also choose to use plain old HTML.

FunnelWeb renders code beautifully


Your source code is automatically highlighted by Prettify, so if you change themes, your old posts still look nice.

Plenty of themes to choose from

CSS-based themes

Funne lWeb ships with a handful of themes, and it's easy to create your own. Check out the example sites below to see them in action.

Choose your URL

Full URL control

When you create a post in FunnelWeb, you get to enter anything you like for the URL. This lets you nest posts beneath each other for better SEO.

Choose your URL

.NET dev friendly

FunnelWeb is written in ASP.NET MVC 3, using the Razor view engine. The source code is simple and easy to jump in to. We also have extensibility points.

Special styles for Android/iPhone


We detect mobile browsers and render special pages for them, making your site easier to surf from the palm of your hand.

Special styles for Android/iPhone

Rich comments

When people post comments on your blog, they can include links, code samples, formatting, and even images!

We eat spam for breakfast

No Spam

We hate spam as much as you do. FunnelWeb sends comments to Akismet, and you can configure your own black list of spam words.

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